Sunday, February 21, 2010

Forsyth Harassers

It was 5:35 PM today and my sister and I were walking through the crowded Forsyth Park after grocery shopping. We were minding our business, just chatting with each other, when seemingly out of nowhere, I hear kissing sounds. I glance over my shoulder and it's the two older men in the photo. They keep making kissing sounds and one of them mumbles something. I didn't hear it, but it would be no surprise to me if it were something foul and offensive. They keep making the sounds, so I turn and give them the finger. When they saw, they just smiled creepy shit-eating grins, with no respect for me or my sister (or likely any other woman), just happy that they got attention.

I've been told to ignore this behavior, but I know better and I know that ignoring does nothing, because this continually happens. Then I remembered this site!

I told my sister to keep going while I grabbed my cellphone and walked back. The park was crowded, so I wasn't afraid. I started snapping pictures of the douches. Both of them became uncomfortable when I started taking pictures. Blue shirt turned completely around and the man in the black hoodie kept looking away. That made me feel a lot better and made me feel like I taken the power they felt away from them. Watch out for these disrespectful men, Savannah.

Submitted by anonymous 02/21/2010

Location: Forsyth Park

Broughton St. Harasser

On Thursday night, two friends and I were sitting outside of Starbucks on the corner of Broughton and Bull. A guy came up and asked us if we would buy him some coffee. He looked normal enough, but none of us had any money to buy him some. He started spouting off about how he was an incarnation of Shivah, and that he would one day reign down upon us. We thought at first that he was drunk and just messing with us, but it got serious pretty quickly. He kept going in and out of different accents. The whole thing was very strange. He started calling my friend a demon, and when my girl friend went inside to use the restroom, he kept asking if she was calling the police. He said he was looking for a sacrifice and that he would be in jail by the end of the night. I think he picked up on the fact that two of us were gay, and so he kept bringing up the fact that he wasn't gay and we were all going to pay. We got pretty scared and started walking away, but he followed us. Even when we would cross streets and turn around, he would just follow. Since my car was parked in a really dark and sketchy area, we decided to just go back in Starbucks. He waited outside, watching through the windows. Eventually we just asked an employee if she would take us out the back and we made a quick dash to the car.

I managed to snap this picture while he was doing one of his weird silent chants. Everyone avoid this guy!

Submitted by Jon 01/08/2010

Location: Starbucks on Broughton