Sunday, February 21, 2010

Forsyth Harassers

It was 5:35 PM today and my sister and I were walking through the crowded Forsyth Park after grocery shopping. We were minding our business, just chatting with each other, when seemingly out of nowhere, I hear kissing sounds. I glance over my shoulder and it's the two older men in the photo. They keep making kissing sounds and one of them mumbles something. I didn't hear it, but it would be no surprise to me if it were something foul and offensive. They keep making the sounds, so I turn and give them the finger. When they saw, they just smiled creepy shit-eating grins, with no respect for me or my sister (or likely any other woman), just happy that they got attention.

I've been told to ignore this behavior, but I know better and I know that ignoring does nothing, because this continually happens. Then I remembered this site!

I told my sister to keep going while I grabbed my cellphone and walked back. The park was crowded, so I wasn't afraid. I started snapping pictures of the douches. Both of them became uncomfortable when I started taking pictures. Blue shirt turned completely around and the man in the black hoodie kept looking away. That made me feel a lot better and made me feel like I taken the power they felt away from them. Watch out for these disrespectful men, Savannah.

Submitted by anonymous 02/21/2010

Location: Forsyth Park