Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Forsyth Gawker

I was walking home from work through the field in Forsyth Park at around 3:55pm. There was a young woman lying on her back next to her bike, reading a book in the middle of the field. She was obviously sunning and had her shirt pulled up to expose her belly - no different than all the swimsuit-wearers who sun there.

Anyway, there was no one nearby on this end of the field, save for her, myself, ... and then this old man who walks up to her. He stops no more than 10 feet away from her and stares. Actually, no, I should say leers. He made such an obvious show of it, he even shaded his eyes and leaned forward. He did this for a couple of minutes. He even circled around her, shading his eyes and staring.

The woman clearly didn't know him and was obviously growing uncomfortable. She pulled her shirt down and kept shifting. I stopped walking and stared back at the man. He noticed me and he, too, grew uncomfortable, but he kept staring at her and kept making a show of it! So I pulled out my phone camera to take a pic... but the damn thing froze! Pulling out the camera was enough, however. The guy eventually hesitated and walked away. I managed to unfreeze the phone and snap a pic as he wandered off. His hair is a little more grey/white than the photo shows.

I saw him veer really close to another young woman, then veer in a completely opposite direction to go sit on the boxes that house the machinery near the stage fountain. He seemed to have nothing better to do than to aimlessly wander around, creeping young women out.

I hope he got the message: We stand in solidarity, douchebags! And if I had to, I would so have offered to help the other women kick him in the balls!

Submitted by Another Young Woman 10/05/2010

Location: Forsyth Park